The exclusive brand of GOODAI GLOBAL, Beauty of Joseon and other partner brands are here.
GOODAI GLOBAL is composed of young, speedy, dynamic talents.
In order to have competitiveness in this rapidly changing, fiercely competitive global beauty market, GOODAI GLOBAL team members put top priority on brand direction and speed to bring the dynamic result. By minimizing work inefficiency through close communications that tear down the walls among team members, we create a co-working culture that could bring the optimized solution in all circumstances. The future Global K-beauty brand is being fostered by innovative, fresh ideas in our open-minded, free corporate atmosphere.
Corporate culture
and Welfare


Young, cheerful corporate atmosphere with average age of 30s

No tie

Free, easy casual clothing to increase work efficiency

Fresh air

Air purifier placed at every corner


No regulations in using annual leave, early leave on last week Friday


Free lunch


Early leave (better than birthday party)


No rush hour commute time


No night gathering (alcohol) but lunch gathering (Going to Han River, Wolmido)
Individual but flexible together – we are the teams!
Beauty 1 Team
We are responsible for managing A to Z in partner brands’ export and distribution. Global distribution: We store and sell products of major partner brands in more than 50 distribution channels in 10 countries. Based on market data collected through our own distribution platform BRAND2C and accumulated know-how in the field, we provide brand partners with consulting on product development and export. We also support export business such as overseas trademark, overseas certification, import and export customs clearance.
Beauty 2 Team
We are in charge of operating our own marketing platform ‘Blingdear’, various social collaboration, contents creation. Platform operation: Blingdear platform development, website improvement work, Bliviwer and review management so that customers all across the globe can use them with convenience. Text contents creation: Plan, design and create contents which are uploaded in Blingdear platform blogs and official Instagram. Video contents creation: We develop K-beatuy related Youtube channel through video contents creation with partner influencer.
Management Support Team/ Distribution Team
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