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Until now, Korean Hanbang cosmetics have been regarded as exclusive products for middle-aged women. ‘Beauty of Joseon’ is a new concept Hanbang cosmetics that was created for young and trendy women by removing the traditional Hanbang cosmetics image. Based on ‘Gyuhap Congseo(閨閤叢書)’, the Encyclopedia for women of the Joseon Dynasty, Beauty of Joseon is made with safe and healthy ingredients which were actually used by women of the Joseon Dynasty.
Beauty of Joseon, Hanbang cosmetics chosen by trendy women
Joseon Beauty : Beauty of Joseon (Beauty of Joseon) is a brand re-interpretation with a trandish sense, breaking away from the traditional Korean cosmetics that used to be considered an exclusive possession of middle-aged women. Based on the beauty technique described in the ” Gyeongchae “, which is considered to be an encyclopedia of households during the Joseon Dynasty, the healthy ingredients used by women of the Joseon Dynasty and the effective ingredients currently in the market were duly mixed.
Hanbang Skincare brand loved by overseas
Beauty of Joseon: Beauty of Joseon has grown in overseas market, especially with love of the US customers. Its representative product, ‘Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream’ is a steady selling item at Amazon US which was completely sold out in TSC, Canadian home shopping Channel and True shopping in Thailand. The brand began to grow in American market and is currently accelerating its expansion in Southeast Asian market.
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