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GOODAI GLOBAL is an incubator that discovers and fosters K-beauty brands.
In this fiercely competitive, rapidly changing global beauty market, GOODAI GLOBAL establishes trendy strategies with dynamic responses. Through our own B2B distribution platform BRAND2C, Global K-Beauty Review platform Blingdear, and various contents and communities, we stand as the representative beauty startup leading the globalization of K-beauty brand.
Export Distribution Platform: BRAND2C
BRAND2C is an IT-based beauty B2B distribution platform developed by GOODAI GLOBAL. Products directly purchased from brand partners are exposed and provided to the buyers all across the globe through the platform. The distribution partners can now conveniently and efficiently manage B2B businesses that were complex and complicated in the past.
Blingdear is the one and only online K-beauty community in the world where K-beauty products are introduced to users across the world and where users have communications through test supporter activities and various events. The official reviewers of the platform, the ‘Bliviewers’ actually use brand products and share their experiences so that overseas customers can refer to it. Blingdear members can always check product review and press ‘Shop Here’ link if they wish to buy the product which moves them to the partner purchasing site in respective country.
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